The ultimate list of remote tools (or at least those that I use)

Zoom Boom

During the last weeks, I’ve been chatting with a lot of colleagues about the transformation we all are living in nowadays.

Being remote is a (very) good practice, but only when you choose to be working from home. Like almost all the activities, when you are forced to do something… well.. it feels weird. Right?

Back to my colleagues. They feel anxious, stressed, by this time of uncertainty. It’s happing across the board among most of the industries. Everything is slowing down, and every sale takes forever (more than ever).

So… yes: challenging times ahead. Suck it up and move on.

We will be at home for a while, and we will need to work with what we have. That is an excellent opportunity for companies who can help teams to work better being remote.

There are great tools out there for almost everything you do daily basis:


I love Google Hangouts (it’s my to-go meeting platform) but… Zoom is the king nowadays. All the charts put them (by far) in the top position. Timing is everything, you know?


Notion is AWESOME. Google Docs rocks. I truly feel that you won’t need anything else.

Team Comms

This is a tough one. I use Whatsapp a lot (because most of my contacts are not in the US). For my US folks, iMessage. For asynchronous messaging, YAC is a newcomer and looks pretty awesome. Try the screensharing with annotations. Neat! You should go and check them out.

Organizing calendars

Google Calendar is great. I’m also a huge fan of Calendly. It’s a great tool to avoid email threads trying to set up a meeting. Because of what we do at Decision Mate, I have to chat with colleagues around the Globe. To fix that (you can always google the time zones, of course), I found Clocker very useful.


Oh dear… THE battlefield. I use Missive but looking at Superhuman very closely.

Team Collab

This is a tough category! Dropbox for files repository, the (infamous) GSuite, of course. Notion. Period. I’m not a fan of “boards” tools (Trello, Asana, etc.)

If you work with UX/UI needs, Figma is a great UI design tool. InVision with Maze works awesome.

Finally, us: Decision Mate. We are an excellent option for feedback gathering. We process 100% of all the incoming information. Help your instincts, test before going live using video. In fact, ask anything using video.

What do you use? Is there another tool we should include on our list? Let us know!

Since we are changing the way we work, let’s do it properly. Don’t you think?